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How to play Roulette?

Now that you have the opportunity to play live Roulette at, I would like to introduce this game to you. Like Baccarat, Roulette is one of the oldest casino games. Probably also by far the best known. Originally “French” roulette was offered in the casinos, while today in most casinos “American roulette” is played. We will go into the differences later, first to the basic rules. How do you play Roulette?

Roulette game material

Roulette table

The roulette table consists of:

Cauldron/ cylinder

The roulette wheel or roulette cylinder consists mainly of two parts, on the one hand a solid, resting wooden bowl and on the other hand a rotating brass “wheel” with 37 number compartments.

The wheel is embedded in the bottom of the “bowl” and is well supported so that it can spin slowly. At the edge of the wooden part is a running groove and there are several small obstacles in the flat area


The game board is the part of the table where players place their bets. The playing field is drawn and all numbers from “zero” (zero) to 36 are arranged analogously in 3 columns.

At the edge of the number fields are the betting fields for the single and third chances.


The ball is very small and light in relation to the boiler. In former times it was made of ivory, today only plastic balls are used.


Bets are placed with chips. The chips or tokens are usually round, and higher denominations are dealt as rectangular plates of “plaques”, which are usually larger than the chips.

Roulette game process

The roulette player places a bet on which number the ball will fall. The croupier/dealer asks the guests to place their bets and cancels the possibility to bet. While the guests are placing their bets, the croupier “throws” the ball and the wheel is already spinning. No more bets are accepted after the game is cancelled. As soon as the ball falls into a numbered compartment, the casino staff will determine the winning bets and remove the chips that did not win from the tableau. The winnings are then paid out. After the payment a new game starts (coup)

Possible uses in Roulette

Simple chances in Roulette

These bets are paid out at a 1:1 ratio and the player has these betting options:

  • Red numbers / Black numbers
  • Even / Odd numbers
  • Low figures/ High figures

Each 18 numbers in the cylinder are red or black, there are 18 odd numbers (1,3,5…)and 18 even, as well as 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. The zero ” Zero ” is green and at zero the simple chances do not win (there are different approaches for this number)

Columns and dozens

If you win this bet, your payout is already 2:1:

  • columns: Bet on a vertical row of 12 numbers.
  • Dozens: Bet on the first, second or third third third of the numbers.
  • Zero is also not a winning number for columns and dozens.

In the betting options that I will now introduce to you, the English designation (American Roulette) is always listed first, followed by the French designation.

  • Six-Line / Transversal Simple: Bet on 6 numbers; payout 5 : 1
  • Corner / CarreĆ©: Bet on 4 numbers; payout 8 : 1
  • Street / Transversal Plein: Bet on 3 numbers; payout 11 : 1
  • Split / Cheval: Bet on 2 numbers; payout 17 : 1
  • Straigth Up / Plein: bet on one number; payout 35 : 1

When winning a Plein, it is customary to tip the casino employees a piece of the bet amount.

The betting options above show you the variations of combining numbers that are next to each other on the tableau. Another game strategy is to prefer to play number ranges that are adjacent to each other on the tableau. You can read about this in the next blog. No matter which of these betting strategies you prefer, the probability of winning will always remain the same. But also about the probabilities next time more.

American vs. French Roulette

Game processing

In “classic” French roulette, four employees of the casino work. The table is considerably larger than the American table, where normally only one “dealer” is employed. The game is supervised by the table boss.

French Roulette is played with chips whose value is fixed and which all players use. If desired, the croupiers will place the players’ bets at the tableau by throwing the chips on the table and using a small rake, the Rateau, to draw the desired odds. In contrast, American Roulette uses chips of different colours at each table and the guest determines the value of his colour, with which he plays exclusively and places his bets himself with his hands. This makes the game much faster and so American Roulette has become the preferred game in most European casinos today. However, with one very important exception for the players

The Roulette wheel

In Europe, the French roulette wheel with 37 numbers zero and 1 to 36 is used. The numbers in the American wheel are not only arranged differently, the cylinder used in the USA also contains double zero (00) as the 38th number. This increases the house advantage for the gaming operator to double. When playing Live Roulette at you can of course play with the fair French cauldron.

Conclusion Roulette

Roulette is the heart of every casino and since you can now play this interesting game at, we will offer you a contribution on this topic, because unfortunately there are always people who want to sell “dead sure” systems to players. I will report about some of these systems and then you can get a picture of the sense of these “infallible” possibilities to defeat the probability of wanting to make yourself. Stay curious and use the various possibilities of roulette to have a good time in our online casino and make good profits due to the good payout odds.