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Apple Pay and in new partnership!

Apple Pay and in new partnership!

Apple Pay and in new partnership! are truly at the forefront of the casino world. They are evolving week by week and day by day and this shows with the many relationships the Swiss casino is forming with some of the biggest hitters in the industry.

In early June, an agreement was reached between and Apple Pay, a payment method that has been transforming the gaming world.

We will take a further look at Apple Pay itself, how the app works and how to set it up, and what the future has in store for this new collaboration. It certainly promises to be a truly groundbreaking operation for Switzerland’s premier online casino.

What can Apple Pay offer?

Apple are one of the biggest organisations in the world and what their app Apple Pay has to offer has made life easier for millions across the globe.

This app allows people to make purchases above the standard limit in shops, apps and on the Internet. Importantly, this system is also regarding as one of the safest ways to pay and it just as easy as using your everyday debit or credit card.

As well as its watertight security, it is also very fast and payments are made instantly, which certainly will bring huge appeal to’s loyal, and new, customers.

Along with that refined simplicity, there are also two new apps which truly bring this method into the 21st century.

Touch ID and Face ID means that getting verified is a lot quicker than in the past. This delivers two-factor authentications, making passwords and secret questions a thing of the past.

Privacy is also taken into the utmost consideration, as Apple Pay doesn’t keep transaction information that can be linked all the way back to the payee.

There are simply no faults to this app, just a long list of positives that can work brilliantly for’s players.

Setting up Apple Pay

For customers, setting up this wonderful app is very straightforward.

You can add any debit or credit cards to any Apple-based product, such as an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac.

From there, you can use your bank cards on Safari and some Apple Mac models when signed in through iCloud.

On more modern products, such as iPhone 8 Plus, you can add up to 12 debit or credit cards on to your device. For earlier models, it is up to eight cards.

The future for and Apple Pay

While this partnership has been only going for a matter of weeks, there is a real buzz of anticipation as to how fruitful the relationship between the Swiss casino and Apple Pay can be.

There is little doubt that Leonard Huguenin and his team at are hugely excited at how this method can attract a number of new customers.

Apple Pay is one of the fastest growing methods of payment in the world and already one of the most popular.

The biggest pulls that Apple Pay has to offer are mentioned above; the security, the speed, the simplicity.

With those three things factored in, can definitely expect to become busier and busier as the year goes on. has already taken its place as the leading brand in Switzerland. With the arrival of Apple Pay, the casino can now continue to progress to become one of the leading online casinos in Europe.

The addition of Apple Pay to means that the final piece of the jigsaw has now been put in place. Futuristic verifications such as Touch ID and Face ID are not available on any other payment method that has to offer. But now it is.